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Kiwi Anime

No Day But Today

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Name - Kiwi Anime / Hikari / Sky Lee
Astrological Sign - Taurus, the Bull.
Occupation - RENT-Head, Sophomore in High School
Eye Color - (Somebody asked me this...oO) Blue...
Hobbies - Performing arts (acting, singing, dancing), writing
My Goal in Life - Perform on Broadway, or become a teacher if that doesn't work out
Favorite Color - Blue / Green
Favorite Food - Pizza
Least Favorite Food - Chocolate (Don't kill me! I KNOW I'm weird! You don't have to tell me!)
Favorite Musicals - (3-way tie for 1st) RENT, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, (others) Hairspray, Movin' Out, All Shook Up
Least Favorite Musical - Oklahoma. -glare-
Favorite Movies - RENT, Phantom of the Opera, Newsies, Princess Bride, Mr. Holland's Opus
Least Favorite Movie - Wizard of Oz (The jokes all people from Kansas recieve get old. 'How's Dorothy?' 'Did you follow the yellow brick road?'.)
Favorite TV Shows - MASH, Judging Amy, Extreme Makeover : Home Edition (Yes, I'm random.)
Least Favorite TV Shows - All Childrens shows created today. Barney, Telletubbies, The Wiggles...-shudder-
Favorite Books - Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Narnia, Series of Unfortunate Events, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, The Man Who Loved Clowns
Least Favorite Book- Lord of the Flies (Gross...)
Favorite Celebrities - Billy Joel, Idina Menzel
Favorite Anime - .hack//SIGN, Sailor Moon
Favorite Manga - Naruto, Hikaru No Go, Deathnote, Immortal Rain, Tokyo Mew Mew
Favorite Songs - "Defying Gravity" Wicked, "La Vie Boheme" RENT, "King of New York" Newsies, "Music of the Night" Phantom, "Something of Ours" Adam Pascal, "Swing, Swing" All-American Rejects, "Goodbye" Anthony Rapp, "Larissa's Dragon" Idina Menzel, "Addicted to Love" Robert Palmer, "Piano Man" Billy Joel
Quotes - "I ish confuzzled." "Holy...matrimony!" "I'm not gullible! ...Are you serious!" "I lead a secret life as a walrus Animorph." "DU! (Dorks Unite!)"
Motto - "So much for plots. It's all just a what, a what, and a what. Now try the why and the how." Live by this in all your writing.

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